Rhythm of the Forest


"Morganite" is a gem of love that emits an elegant, pure, and mysterious shine. The 18K gold stone seat pendant is tailored to match the stone, and is a precious moment of brilliance and grace. Morganite, also known as pink beryl, is a beryl stone that belongs to the beryl group, which is related to emerald and aquamarine. The glow, which changes its pale pink appearance depending on the angle, is said to have the effect of improving your aesthetic sense and judgment, and eliminating fear.

It will be exhibited at the limited time shop in 2024 below. Please come by all means.


(Duration) Wednesday, January 3, 2024 - Monday, January 8, 2024 (Location) Yokohama Sogo


(Period) January 24th (Wednesday) - January 30th (Tuesday), 2024 (Location) Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store

Previous Exhibition

JR Kyoto Isetan 3rd Floor, The Stage3   2023/11/28-12/04

Daikanyama Hillside Terrace Tower D 2023/09/28-10/04

Takashimaya Osaka 2023/09/06-09/12

Tamagawa Takashimaya 2023/07/26-08/01

SEIBU IKEBUKURO 2023/06/21-06/27

SOGO YOKOHAMA 2023/05/30-06/05

Tamagawa Takashimaya 2023/05/03-09

HILLSIDE TERRACE 2023/04/21-24

KKAG 2023/01/11-18

Studio SOIL 2022/12/02-07

SO SAN 2021/12/04-12

vinoniko 2020/02/29-03/02

vinoniko 2019/02/09-11

ANJEWELRY 2018/12/07-09




Michiru Yamawaki


She worked as a flight attendant for a foreign airline and was exposed to diverse cultures through interactions with a wide variety of people, which sparked a creative drive within her. She pursued her interest in art through learning the fundamentals of printmaking and metalwork. In 2016, she began creating jewelry. That same year, she received an award at the Design Festa in Ebisu. She continued to create jewelry and participate in group exhibitions and curated shows. In 2020, she left her job at the airline and further developed her skills in design and photography. In 2021, she won the A'Design Awards in jewelry design and also received an honorable mention in a photo contest sponsored by Nikon Imaging and organized by the Tokyo Camera Club in Yokosuka City.


Currently, she continues to engage in diverse creative activities, including custom jewelry making, graphic design, photography, and writing articles about natural wine.



The connection between the beautiful earth

and all beings and diversity

With the concept of Oneness

Production and activities

We will develop borderlessly


For All Love and Peace


The sun in the sky, and the rain on the ground

Buzzing honey bees, sprouted seeds bear fruits

Their beauty, and the richness

High-quality brilliance to the oneness

They become the jewelry of





Jewelry design, planning

and production of haute couture

Concept design, jewelry reform, etc.

We accept a wide range of consultations.

For All Love and Peace

Marriage ring that embodies the feelings of two people

Haute couture precious and semi-precious stone jewelry

Collaboration with a focus on traceability and ethical

Remodeling and remake of thoughtful jewelry

Social Contribution for the Future of the Earth

Communication and creative creation

Arrangement of EARTEO series, etc.

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